Pet sitting visits are standardized for 30-35 minutes. Effective July 1, 2020, the fees have changed to $15.00 for the first three pets. Each cage counts as one pet, regardless of the number of pets in the cage. Each additional pet (after the first 3) is $1 per visit. Dogs and cats must be visited at least once a day as a minimum. I will not skip days.

There will be no key pick-up charge for the first time you use my services as you may end up giving me the key at the meet and greet. There is a $5 key pick-up charge for future visits unless I am permitted to make a copy of your key on file. Payment for my service is expected to be left in your home for me to receive it on my first visit. 

Additional Services:

(If not incorporated in a standard visit)

Bathing — $20 per pet

Dog Walking (no more than two at a time) — $15

Pet Taxi (no more than two pets at a time)

  • Round Trip — $20
  • Drop off or pick up only — $15